Know your School  


B.B.U.L. Jain Vidyalaya is a composite Nursery, Primary and Secondary School being run by Shree Mahaveer Jain Shikshan Sangh, one of the several social service organizations that are being conducted by the Jain Community of Bangalore.


Education is as old as the human race, though in course of time, its meaning and objectives have inevitably undergone changes. Now education is being redefined. The children of today can see the relevance of what they are learning. Jain Vidyalaya offers curricula which fulfil the needs of the learners with sufficient practical work and project work, thus producing future citizens of integrated personality, blending education with technology.

The concept of all-round development of the children is the prime concern of our Institution, which extends beyond the transmission of knowledge.

Jain Vidyalaya creates an environment that goes beyond mere study, grooming independent, competent, resilient, patient and understanding individuals. The school empowers the student with confidence and a sense of responsibility, inculcating civic and human values by integrating community awareness and social concern into the curriculum.


A number of Co-curricular Activities are organized in the School to discover and develop the innate talents of the students. Regular Physical Education, Games Instruction in Moral Science, Celebration of National Festivals, School Excursions, Medical Inspection of Children are regular features. There is the House system for healthy Competition.

Resource Room
The School provides Resource Room facilities for slow learners and others with special needs. Assessment and remedial work is done by teachers trained in special education so as to mainstream students into the regular curriculum.

Yoga and Karate
Realising the importance of physical fitness, Yoga and Karate forms a part of the regular curriculum.

CHRD has been instrumental in inculcating a spirit of enquiry amongst the children by conducting an examination in general knowledge. It is commendable that they have been awarding scholarships to the best performers at every level. We are proud to have state - level and district level toppers from our institution every year. The programme has been very popular in our school and response has been excellent.

Science Talent Search Exam
Putani Vignana Science Talent Examination ( National & Inter National Levels) conducted by Putani Vignana Children’s Science Magazine Group, Chitradurga for classes 1 to 10. It is being conducted for the last six years in our school and our school has been adjudged “Best” at the National Level for the last six years consecutively.

Sirigannada Kannada Talent Examination :
Sirigannada Kannada Talent Examination (State Level) conducted by Sirigannada Prakashana, Chitradurga for classes 1 to 10. It is being conducted for the last 8 years in our school and our school has been adjudged as “ÃÝg ÊÜáor¨Ü EñܤÊÜá ÍÝÇæ “ (Best at the state level) for the last 8 years consecutively.

Abacus(Mental Mathematics)
Mental Mathematics stimulates brain development with special emphasis on right brain development. It promotes smart-hard work, which defines the fine line between success and failure.

Personality Development
To enhance self-awareness, communication skills, creative thinking, social skills and for effective, time and stress management a personality development programme forms part of the curriculum. The programme ensures the holistic development and develops a winner’s attitude.

Educational counselling is also done on a regular basis.

Karadi Path (classes II & III)
The Karadi Path is the Power English Programme to create an English speaking environment for students. The students are exposed to an English speaking environment with enriched vocabulary. The Karadi Path encourages fluency and accuracy in speaking English.

Math Buddy (Classes III to VIII)
Math Buddy is designed to help children learn Math with understanding. It is a cloud-based application that works on any device - Tablet, Desktop or Smart phone. It has over 1300+ playful activities and simulations to help children learn and practice Math.

The School has very good open access library managed by qualified librarians, catering to the needs of the children of all classes. Library books will be issued to the classes on the allotted days. A fine of Rupee One per day will be collected, if the books are not returned on the due date.

Books must be handled carefully. If they are found torn, it should be immediately brought to the notice of the concerned officials.

Any damage to books by readers will be duly assessed and the requisite amount recovered.


Medium of Instruction English
Second Language Hindi/Kannada
Third Language Kannada/Hindi (Kannada for those who take Hindi as Second Language and Hindi for those who take Kannada as Second Language.

The Second Language is introduced in UKG and the Third Language in class III. The study of the Third Language stops with class VIII.


If a parent wishes to withdraw his child from the school, he should make an application in writing for a Transfer Certificate stating the reason for the withdrawal. A fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged for a Transfer Certificate. It will be issued a day after the date of application and after clearance of all dues to the school.

If the pupil leaves the school any time during the first term the fee for the whole term of four months shall be paid. If the pupil leaves during the second or third term the full fee for the term concerned shall be paid.

If a parent wants to withdraw his child at the end of the academic year or during the summer vacation, an application must be made within fifteen days of the announcement of results . In case the application is made thereafter, full fees for the first term has to be paid.

If a parent, having admitted his child, wants to withdraw his child before the re-opening date of the School, half the fees paid will be refunded.

Fees paid for one term will not be refunded if withdrawals is made after the re-opening of the school.


LKG Monday to Friday 8-50 a.m. to 12-30 p.m. No Classes on Saturday
UKG 8-50 a.m. to 1-40 p.m. No Classes on Saturday
Classes I to VIII Monday to Friday 8-50 a.m. to 3-05 p.m. (with a lunch-break of 30 minutes)
Saturday 8-50 a.m. to 11-50a.m.
Classes IX to X Monday to Friday - 8-50 a.m. to 3-40 p.m. (with a lunch-break of 30 minutes)
Saturday 8-50 a.m. to 12 noon
Note:There are no classes on 2nd Saturdays. But the school remains open.


There will be two terms during the academic year:

I Term: June to Sept
II Term : Oct to March
There will be 2 unit tests and 1 Examination in each term. The session commences on 1st June and ends in the middle of April.


  • Parents are requested to extend their full co-operation to the school authorities in all matters affecting the educational progress of their children.
  • They should send their children regularly and punctually to the school at 8-40 a.m. for the Morning Assembly. They should also arrange to take back their children home immediately after school work is over for the day. The school authorities will not be responsible for any incident/incidents that may happen in the case of inordinate delay in taking children home.
  • They should pay the school fees regularly by looking into the hand book or making enquiries from their children or at the school office. The Admission Number of the child should be entered correctly every time.
  • They should look into the Handbook everyday and note the communications if any regarding the work and conduct of their children at school, announcements regarding holidays etc. and take needful action every time.
  • They should supervise their children’s studies and ensure that they do the homework set regularly.
  • Criticism of the school or teachers in the child’s presence should be strictly avoided, because it causes the child to lose his/her faith in the school & teachers, with consequent failure in the development & studies.
  • Parents/Guardians or any other persons are not allowed to see the students or teachers during school hours without prior permission of the Principal. They are also forbidden to move about in the verandas or enter the classroom or talk to the teachers who are engaged in classes.
  • Parents/Guardians are specially requested to notify the school of any change in their address or telephone numbers.
  • The Principal shall place himself/herself in communication as and when necessary, with parents/guardians of students who are not good in academic performance and do not show any improvement or whose attendance is very irregular or conduct unsatisfactory. The names of students found incorrigible shall be removed from the roles after warning, by intimating the Parents/guardians.
  • All parents are requested to note that the annual promotions are decided after careful consideration of the performance of the pupils throughout the year. The results communicated to them will be final and cannot be altered under any circumstances.