School Rules  

Parents are requested to read this section carefully and abide by the rules of the school.

1. All pupils should come to school on every working day at 8:40 a.m. for the morning assembly which begins at 8:50 a.m. Pupils who come late to school will be allowed into the classes only with the permission of the Principal. The School gate will be locked exactly at 9:00 a.m. The School is not responsible for late comers. Late comers will be warned on three occasions, and thereafter sent home.

2. After school pupils should go home without delay. They should not stay on in the school premises or go anywhere else without the knowledge of their parents.

3. Pupils should come to school neat and clean, dressed in the prescribed school uniform. Those who persistently come in untidy dress and improper uniform are liable to be sent home.

4. Pupils who are suffering from communicable diseases, or having suffered from one, are not yet free from infection, will not be admitted to the classes. A medical certificate from a qualified doctor that they are free from infection and fit to attend classes must be produced in such cases.

5. Pupils should not absent themselves from school without leave or permission. A leave application addressed to the Class Teacher or Principal must be brought prior to the day of absence or the next day without fail.

6. Special permission of the Principal is required for leave of more than three days’ duration. For leave of more than three days on account of illness or injury, a medical certificate from a qualified doctor must be produced.

7. A pupil must put in attendance of at least 75% of the number of working days during the year.

8. Pupils should bring to the school everyday only the books and note-books according to the day’s time-table and not all their books, or others not in use in the school. All books, note books, bags and other articles should bear the pupil’s name and class. Loss of any article should be reported immediately to the class teacher.

9. Parents are requested to extend their whole-hearted co-operation and help the school authorities in maintaining discipline.

10. Money or costly articles should not be brought to the school nor expensive ornaments worn. The school authorities will not be responsible for any incidents that may happen in this connection.

11. Pupils should practice cleanliness and neatness everywhere in the school. They are forbidden to write on desks or walls or throw about bits of paper etc., in the school premises.

12. Wilful damage to school property will have to be made good. Individual/collective fine will be levied for such damage.

13. Pupils must maintain perfect silence in the assembly, in the class-rooms and at the school functions. While moving from one part of the school to another they must maintain perfect order. Running, jumping, pushing etc., are forbidden.

14. Once a pupil comes to the school he/she will not be allowed to leave the premises without a valid outpass granted by the Principal/Vice-Principal. The parent/guardian must come to take the child home. The child will not be sent with any other person.

15. At the time of admission, parents must inform the school authorities of any chronic illness or disability in their children.

16. In the case of a sudden illness or injury, the child will be given first aid in the school and the parent informed. It shall be the parent’s responsibility thereafter to get the child treated properly by a competent doctor or in a hospital/ nursing home.

17. Without the Principal’s permission a pupil must not join any club or association or make any engagement such as external competition or examination that will interfere with his/her regular studies.

18. In order to maintain the tone and fair name of the institution the School Management reserve the right to dismiss a pupil for prolonged irregularity in attendance, lack of application, disobedience, obscenity, rowdyism, ragging, malpractice at examination or any other misconduct of a serious nature in or outside the school.

19. Progress Reports will be sent to parents regularly, after each test/examination. Parents are requested to go through them carefully and take timely action to help their children to improve in studies, if they are weak. The staff also will strive their best to help them. The Progress Reports must be returned to the Class Teacher within three days of issue. Pupils should not tamper with them in any manner.

20. If, in spite of these efforts, a pupil fails twice in the same class the parents will have to withdraw the child from the school.

21. Conversation in English is desirable as it is an English medium school.

22. Use of mobile phones in the school premises is strictly prohibited.

23. Money should not be lent or borrowed nor should articles be exchanged between students.

24. (a) Habitual neglect of class work and Home work misconduct & malpractice in the examinations & tests as well as misbehavior which might have unwholesome influence on the fellow students will result in expulsion of the offender.

24. (b) Possession of manuscript or literature or portions of textbook by candidates during the conduct of tests or examinations will be seriously dealt with. He/She will not be allowed to take the subsequent examination paper & is liable for disciplinary action.