I Congratulate the Managing Committee on their extraordinary commitment in making BBUL Jain Vidyalaya an important landmark in the map of education of Bangalore, India. The school has seen tremendous progress in the last 32 years. The members of the Managing Committee are immensely pleased and appreciate the same. The school has done exceedingly well in various inter-school activities winning many trophies.

We have again achieved 100% results at the All-India Secondary School Examination March 2016. 32 students have secured 10/10 CGPA in the year 2016. 30 students have scored above 9 CGPA out of 167 students who appeared for the examination for the same year.

The school has really grown under the able governance of the Principal of our school, Mrs. Sridevi S.A. She is the part of several committees at the national level which shape and mould the educational practices of our Country.

The school celebrated its Silver Jubilee on 28th June 2009 and it was great success. The celebration was inaugurated by Shri Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri, Hon’ble Minister for Primary and secondary Education, Karnataka.

The Committee has ensured a democratic climate for the administration of the school. The staff are well qualified and enthusiastic. They work with single minded purpose for the welfare and development of the student. Teachers are regularly exposed to workshops and training programmes to upgrade themselves and add to their repertoire of skills in handlings of students.

The Managing Committee, also known for its various philanthropic activities, has been able to provide an enriching environment with steadfast moral values and a climate of integrity for the progress of the school.

All great masters are chiefly distinguished by the power of adding a second, a third and perhaps a fourth step in a continuous line. Many a man has taken the first step. With every additional step you enhance immensely the value of your first. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

With the support of the Managing Committee, we are poised to take several steps and climb notches in the ladder of success.

Sri Babulal Parekh

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined.

We at BBUL Jain Vidyalaya help the children pursue their dreams and reach their goals.

The progress of the school is very commendable and the school has made an indelible mark both in academics and co-curricular activities. Success is the result of patience and hard work. I feel very proud announcing that at the All-India Secondary School Examination held in March 2016, 100% results were recorded.

Every year the mark of excellence has been rising which is a glowing testimony to the quality of education imparted to the students of our school. 32 of our students are on a 10 on 10 cumulative grade point average and 30 students on 9 and above.

We believe in the holistic development of every child, hence yoga and meditation form an integral part of the curriculum.

Co-scholastic Activities on Inter – House basis is the regular feature. These cover a wide spectrum from music, debate, elocution, declamation, science lecture to dumb charades, mehendi, flower arrangement, cookery and painting. The students have also participated in Inter-School Competitions and have done very well.

Our resource room “Utsaah” has been a source of encouragement to children with varied learning disabilities. The children have gone on to doing very well in their board exams and in their lives too.

With a view to de-stress children we have a trained counsellor at school to guide and help children cope with their problems.

The students are given opportunities to participate in a wide-spectrum of inter house competitions like Music, Debate, Elocution, Science Lecture, Maths Quiz, Cookery and Flower arrangement etc. and win many prizes.

The annual sports meet held on 11th November 2016 was a great success.

Four of our students participated in the zonal level swimming competition conducted by the CBSE. Shiwangi Rawat and Pramukh Dev Rao have brought laurels to the school at the National Level Swimming Championship by winning 2 silvers and 5 Bronze medals. Srividya R of class IX has won Bronze medal at the Karnataka State Fencing Championships held in Bangalore.

Our students participated in the Karate competition held at Jain Heritage School and more than 50 prizes and the over-all trophy.

The students are exposed to different competitive examinations like Science Talent Examination, Sirigannada-Talent Examination and G.K. Exams. Many students take up the examinations and have done exceedingly well too.

Our outstanding results, the placement of some of our students in top organizations and above all the overall development of our children only prove that we have made learning a joy and teaching a pleasure. This has been possible only because of the dedication and commitment of all my colleagues both the teaching and non-teaching staff.

We pursue our dream of building a timeless institution of excellence where we prepare our children for the opportunities and challenges of the world with confidence and alacrity.

Unity is strength.... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved

Fee Chart for full year payment

LKG 9,000/- 18,000/- 4,265/- 4,265/- 4,265/- 1,305/- 1,200/- 42,300/-
UKG 21,500/- 4,500/- 4,500/- 4,500/- 2,800/- 1,200/- 39,000/-
I 21,500/- 4,600/- 4,600/- 4,600/- 2,300/- 1,400/- 39,000/-
II 21,500/- 4,605/- 4,605/- 4,605/- 2,285/- 1,400/- 39,000/-
III 21,500/- 5,365/- 5,365/- 5,365/- 3,005/- 1,400/- 42,000/-
IV 21,500/- 5,265/- 5,265/- 5,265/- 3,305/- 1,400/- 42,000/-
V 21,500/- 5,215/- 5,215/- 5,215/- 3,455/- 1,400/- 42,000/-
VI 21,500/- 5,465/- 5,465/- 5,465/- 4,105/- - 42,000/-
VII 21,500/- 5,665/- 5,665/- 5,665/- 3,505/- - 42,000/-
VIII 21,500/- 5,625/- 5,625/- 5,625/- 3,625/- - 42,000/-
IX 21,500/- 5,895/- 5,895/- 5,895/- 2,815/- - 42,000/-
X 21,500/- 6,025/- 6,025/- 6,025/- 2,425/- - 42,000/-

Fee Chart for paying Term wise

LKG 33,770/- 4,265/- 4,265/- 42,300/-
UKG 30,000/- 4,500/- 4,500/- 42,300/-
I 29,800/- 4,600/- 4,600/- 39,000/-
II 29,790/- 4,605/- 4,605/- 39,000/-
III 31,270/- 5,365/- 5,365/- 42,000/-
IV 31,470/- 5,265/- 5,265/- 42,000/-
V 31,570/- 5,215/- 5,215/- 42,000/-
VI 31,070/- 5,465/- 5,465/- 42,000/-
VII 30,670/- 5,665/- 5,665/- 42,000/-
VIII 30,750/- 5,625/- 5,625/- 42,000/-
IX 30,210/- 5,895/- 5,895/- 42,000/-
IX 29,950/- 6,025/- 6,025/- 42,000/-

A number of Co-scholastic Activities are organized in the School to discover and develop the innate talents of the students. Instruction in Moral Science, Celebration of National Festivals, School Excursions, Medical Inspection of Children and Training in First Aid are regular features.

Inter-house Competition

There is the House system for healthy Competition. The students are given opportunities to participate in a wide-spectrum of inter house competitions like Music, Debate, Elocution, Science Lecture, Maths Quiz, Cookery and Flower arrangement etc. and win many prizes.

Fine Arts

Art & Craft, Music, Tailoring are the part of the curriculum.
Lifeskill classes are regularly held to help children face the challenges of the real world.

Yoga , Meditation and Karate

Realizing the importance of physical fitness, Yoga and Karate from a part of the regular Curriculum.

Personality Development

To enhance Self-Awareness, Communication Skills, Creative thinking, social skills and for effectiv, time and stress management a personality development programme forms part of the Curriculum. A personality development programme ensures holistic development and develops a winner's attitude.

Mental Mathematics

Mental Mathematics stimulates brain development with special emphasis on right brain development. It promotes smart-hard work, which defines the fine line between success and failure.


Technology based BIBOX innovation classes, for classes VI to IX(where the students design and buld real world gadgets ranging from robotic otys to atutomation of machine)

Tests & Exams
CHRD Exam:

CHRD has been instrumental in inculcating a spirit of enquiry amongst the children by conducting an examination in general knowledge. It is commendable that they have been awarding scholarships to the best performers at every level. We are proud to have state - level and district level toppers from our institution every year. The programme has been very popular in our school and response has been excellent.

Science Talent Search Exam:

Putani Vignana Science Talent Examination (National & Inter National Levels) conducted by Putani Vignana Children's Science Magazine Group, Chitradurga for classes 1 to 10. It is being conducted for the last six years in our school and our school has been adjudged the best at the National Level for the last six years consecutively.

Sirigannada-Talent Examination

This exam is conducted for classes 1 to 10.


Critical thinking, comprehension, creativity, reasoning and problem solving are essential higher order skills for success in school as well as in social and professional situations in the wider community. To facilitate this the students have the opportunity to participate in the ASSET Examination held by the Educational Testing Centre of the University of New South Wales which is a prime provider of quality educational measurement and assessment services.

Educational counseling is also done on a regular basis.

Parents are requested to read this section carefully and abide by the rules of the school.

  1. All pupils should come to school on every working day at 8:45 AM for the morning assembly which begins at 9:00 AM.
  2. After school they should go home without delay, in case there are no games or other activities. They should not stay on in the school premises or go anywhere else without the knowledge of their parents.
  3. Pupils should come to school neat and clean, and dressed in the prescribed school uniform. Those who persistently come in untidy dress and improper uniform are liable to be sent home.
  4. Pupils who come late to school will be allowed into the classes only with the permission of the Principal. Late comers will be warned on three occasions, and thereafter sent home.
  5. Pupils who are suffering from communicable diseases, or having suffered from one, are not yet free from infection, will not be admitted to the classes. A medical certificate from a qualified doctor that they are free from infection and fit to attend classes must be produced in such cases.
  6. Pupils should not absent themselves from school without leave or permission. A leave application addressed to the Class Teacher or Principal must be brought prior to the day of absence or the next day without fail.
  7. Special permission of the Principal is required for leave of more than three days' duration. For leave of more than three days on account of illness or injury, a medical certificate from a qualified doctor must be produced.
  8. A pupil must put in attendance of at least 75% of the number of working days during the year.
  9. Pupils should bring to the school everyday only the books and note-books according to the day's time-table and not all their books, or others not in use in the school. All books, note books,bags and other articles should bear the pupil's name and class. Loss of any article should be reported immediately to the class teacher.
  10. Parents are requested to extend their whole-hearted co-operation and help the school authorities in maintaining discpline.
  11. Money or costly articles should not be brought to the school nor expensive ornaments worn. The school authorities will not be responsible for any incidents that may happen in this connection.
  12. Pupils should practise cleanliness and neatness everywhere in the school. They are forbidden to write on desks or walls or throw about bits of paper etc., in the school premises.
  13. Wilful damage to school property will have to be made good. Individual/collective fine will be levied for such damage.
  14. Pupils must maintain perfect silence in the assembly, in the class-rooms and at the school functions. While moving from one part of the school to another they must maintain perfect order. Running, jumping, pushing etc., are forbidden.
  15. Once a pupil comes to the school he/she will not be allowed to leave the premises without a valid outpass granted by the Principal/Vice-Principal. The parent/guardian must come to take the child home. The child will not be sent with any other person.
  16. At the time of admission, parents must inform the school authorities of any chronic illness or disability in their children.
  17. In the case of a sudden illness or injury, the child will be given first aid in the school and the parent informed. It shall be the parent's responsibility thereafter to get the child treated properly by a competent doctor or in a hospital/nursing home.
  18. Without the Principal's permission a pupil must not join any club or association or make any engagement such as external competition or examination that will interfere with his/her regular studies.
  19. Pupils are not allowed to collect funds, sell tickets, etc., for external organizations.
  20. In order ro maintain the tone and fair name of the institution the School Management reserve the right to dismiss a pupil for prolonged irregularity in attendance, lack of application, disobedience, obscenity, rowdyism, ragging, malpractice at examination or any other misconduct of a serious nature in or outside the school.
  21. Progress Reports will be sent to parents regularly, after each test/examination. Parents are requested to go through them carefully and take timely action to help their children to improve in studies, if they are weak. The staff also will strive their best to help them. The Progress Reports must be returned to the Class Teacher within three days of issue. Pupils should not tamper with them in any manner.
Note: If, inspite of these efforts, a pupil fails twice in the same class the parents will have to withdraw the child from the school.
  • Parents are requested to extend their full co-operation to the school authorities in all matters affecting the edcuational progress of their children.
  • They should send their children regularly and punctually to the school at 8-45 a.m. for the Morning Assembly. They should also arrange to take back their children home immediatley after school work is over for the day. The school authorities will not be responsible for any incident/incidents that may happen in the case of inordinate delay in taking children home.
  • They should pay the school fees regularly by looking into the hand book or making enquiries from their children or at the school office. The Admission Number of the child should be entered correctly every time.
  • They should look into the Handbook everyday and note the communications if any regarding the work and conduct of their children at school, announcements regarding holidays etc. and take needful action everytime.
  • They should supervise thier children's studies and ensure that they do the homework set regularly.
  • They should visit the school now and then, meet the Principal and other teachers and discuss the progress of their children. Whenever a note is sent to them by a Teacher/Principal they should respond promptly. They are requested to take special interest in the co-curricular activities of the school and render all possible assistance in helping to bring out and develop the innate talents of their children.
  • Whenever there is heavy rain or suspension of public transport due to strikes etc., or public disturbance of any sort endangering the safety of their children, parents can use their discretion and ensure that their children are not exposed to any risk. Similarly, whenever a holiday is declared by the Govt. for any reason, parents may, at their discretion, keep back their children from the school. Late coming or absence of children from school on such occasions will be condoned.
  • All parents are requested to note that the annual promotions are decided after careful consideration of the performance of the pupils throughout the year. The results communicated to them will be final and cannot be altered under any circumstances.