LKG Monday to Friday 8-50 a.m. to 12-30 p.m.
  Saturday No Classes
UKG Monday to Friday 8-50 a.m. to 1-40 p.m.
  Saturday No Classes
I to VIII Monday to Friday 8-50 a.m. to 3-05 p.m.
  Saturday 8-50 a.m. to 11-45 a.m
IX to X Monday to Friday 8-50 a.m. to 3-40 p.m.
  Saturday 8-50 a.m. to 12 p.m


There are no classes on 2nd Saturdays. But the school remains open.

 Medium of Instruction  English
 Second Language  Hindi/Kannada
 Third Language   Kannada/Hindi


  • Kannada for those who take Hindi as Second Language and Hindi for those who take Kannada as Second Language
  • The Second Language is introduced in UKG and the Third Language in class III
  • The study of the Third Language stops with class VIII
 I Term  May to August
 II Term  September to December
 III Term  January to April


  • There are two Semesters , 1st semester May - September and 2nd Semester October - April
  • The academic year commences on 1st June and ends in the middle of April
  • There are vacations in October, a week during December, one and a half month's during summer and other appropriate holidays

If a parent wishes to withdraw his child from the school, he should make an application in writing for a Transfer Certificate stating the reason for the withdrawal. A fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged for a Transfer Certificate. It will be issued a day after the date of application and after clearance of all dues to the school.

If the pupil leaves the school any time during the first term the fee for the whole term of four months shall be paid. If the pupil leaves during the second or third term the full fee for the term concerned shall be paid.

If a parent wants to withdraw his child at the end of the academic year or during the summer vacation, an application must be made within fifteen days of the announcement of results . In case the application is made thereafter, full fees for the first term have to be paid.

If a parent, having admitted his child, wants to withdraw his child before the re-opening date of the School, half the fees paid will be refunded. Fees paid for one term will not be refunded if withdarwal is made after the re-opening of the school.